The Enrique Ochoa Foundation is an initiative driven by the heirs of the painter (his grandchildren José Francisco and Isabel Estevez) in order to recover the huge legacy left by the author, as well as to promote the awareness of his work and life through exhibitions, lectures, discussions, in collaboration with other institutions, etc. Officially established in 2013, the Foundation has its roots in the Institute of Art Studies Enrique Ochoa, which, since the death of the painter in 1978, has developed a silent but important research work.

As a private cultural foundation, non-profit and headquartered in Madrid, its main aim is the conservation, custody, study, exhibition, distribution and acquisition of artworks from Enrique Ochoa´s collection, as well as any other property that is related to him. Likewise the Foundation:

  1. Will serve as distribution and promotion of historical, cultural and artistic values ​​that are related to art and its collecting and culture.
  2. In the exercise of their own missions, the Foundation will grant awards and fellowships for artists and researchers; hold events; organize exhibitions, concerts, courses and seminars; create museums, libraries and, in general, cultural and educational establishments and research centres; edit publications, agreements and exchanges with universities, institutions and Spanish and foreign centres; and generally carry out all actions that will help better achieve their goals.